PPWC "Image Competition" Rules

 **New Image Comp E-mail address as of Summer 2019:  PPWC.imagecomp@gmail.com

PPWC elected to have a digital image comp.  There is no fee to enter the monthly Image Comp. 
Images are to be emailed to:  PPWC.imagecomp@gmail.com  by the appropriate monthly cut-off date. 
Images should be AT LEAST 2400 pixels (longest side) Resolution at 300dpi. 
Usually a member may enter up to TWO images per month.  Images are to be named: 
"Category abbreviation-Image Title-Your name.jpg"  
Example:  W-The Littlest Bridesmaid-KRoa.jpg


Who may enter image competition:

1.  Any PPWC active member in good standing.

2.  Any PPWC aspiring member in good standing having been voted in by the board.


Classification of entries:

(I)  Illustrative - Images such as photographic art, photojournalism, architectural, commercial or other images that do not fit any of the other categories. Portraits and wedding images are not appropriate for this category.

(E)  Electronic- This category is appropriate for digital art - images created or drastically altered in software like Adobe Photoshop®. Although digitally manipulated images are also allowed in the above categories, this is a category exclusively showcasing such art. If the digital darkroom work is the main attraction of the photo, or plays a big part, enter it here. Please remember to attach a copy of the original image prior to editing.

(P) Portrait - Images of individuals or groups (exceptions-those that meet the criteria for illustrative or wedding category)

(EP) Environmental Portrait- Any image from a bridal portrait session or wedding event.

(W)  Wedding - Any image from a bridal portrait session or wedding event.

(PH)  Phone - All photographs must be shot and edited using only a mobile phone.


Images will be judged with the following points in mind:  12 Elements of a Merit Image


Scores will reflect this scale: 

100-95 Exceptional

94-90 Superior

89-85 Excellent

84-80 Deserving of a Merit

79-75 - Above Average

74-70 Average

69-65 Below Exhibition Standards